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Crochet Basics Buzz, Issue #103 -- It's Spring! A great time for Crochet!
May 11, 2016
Hello Everyone!

Spring is officially here and we're all enjoying the great weather and even the spring showers. Everything is in bloom and looks so wonderful and new. I love it! Makes me think of flowers and lace and summer around the corner.

That's what this issue is full of, everything that reminds me of Spring and some Summer fun, too.

This issue has two new crochet stitches that are lots of fun and perfect for this time of year. We have the Catherine Wheel and Crochet Spirals.

We also have some great walk-throughs to celebrate all the flowers in bloom.

Plus I've included some of my favorite types of lace crochet and some fun patterns for Summer and the 4th of July.

We've been busy here at So, come check it out!

Spotlight Stitches . . .

I love learning and working new stitches. That’s the great thing about crochet, there’s a practically endless array of stitches you can learn. Here are 2 that you might want to try.

Catherine Wheel Crochet The circle pattern in Catherine Wheel Crochet remind me of little pinwheels spinning in the breeze. That's what makes this a perfect springtime stitch.
Spiral Crochet I love the look of spiral crochet. Whether it's red, white and blue for Independence Day, or pink and yellow for Spring this technique is just make me happy.

Ready for a Walk-Through . . .

Whether you're just learning crochet or have been at it for awhile, a walk-through of a pattern can be really helpful. Here's just a few.

Flowers Are in Bloom

Crochet Roses

Basic 5 Petal

Tropical Flowers


Crochet Leaves

Don't forget to make some leaves to go with your pretty flowers.

Some of My Favorites For Spring . . .

I love all things lacy this time of year. So here are a few of my favorite types of Lace Crochet.

Filet Crochet

Hairpin Lace Crochet

Irish Lace Crochet

Broomstick Lace Crochet

Helpful Hints . . .

I'm always grateful for any kind of tips and hints to help with my crochet.

Yarn Holders

When I'm working on projects that take me awhile to finish, I always like to have my yarn protected in a yarn holder. It helps keep it from getting snags and keeps it clean. Yarn holders can be expensive to buy, though, and there's really no need, because you can make your own!

Lots of people use 2-liter soda bottles and they're great. Just wash and dry them out and cut them in half. Then you thread your yarn end through the top and tape the cut edges back together. Very simple.

I prefer to use either oatmeal containers or cleaning wipes containers. Just wipe them out and be sure they're dry. I like to rap them in scrapbook paper so they look cute, but you don't have to.

For the oatmeal containers I use a paper punch to put a hole in the lid for my yarn end. That way the hole has smooth edges and won't snag my yarn.

Empty Kleenex boxes work great, too. Give it a try!

Holiday Thinking . . .

There are so many fun ideas out there for every time of the year which means I’m always thinking ahead to the next holiday. Here are a few fun projects I’ve found. They’re great for decorating or for sharing.


I know, not really a holiday, but that's ok!
Crochet Watermelon Sun Hat by Repeat Crafter Me
Crochet Summer Top at Beautiful Crochet Stuff

4th of July - Independence Day

Heartland Flag Afghan at JoAnn's
Round Granny Ripple at Treasures Made From Yarn

Tell Me What You're Working On

I am always curious what other people are working on. If you’d like to share your project(s), I’d love to hear about them.

Just reply to this e-zine and tell me all about them. Don't forget to send me pictures and your pattern or a link to it.

It could become a webpage on

New Pages at

Types of Crochet We've included lots of different kinds of crochet. To name just a few: Wiggly, Amigurumi, Aran, Freeform, Granny Square,Cro-Hook, Bead, Overlay, Micro and Bosnian. There's so many more, too! You'll want to check this page out.

Bonus Crochet Stitches This is another page that's full of great new stitches to try, like, Tunisian, Waffle, Bavarian and Mixed Grit and so much more!

Comments? Ideas? Feedback? I’d love to hear from you! Just reply to this e-zine and tell me what you think!

See you next time!

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